Measuring your antique bed for a mattress or bed base.

Before ordering your new made to measure mattress or bed base it's vitally important that you measure your bed carefully. We have put together a brief guide using a simple iron bedstead to help you. However if you are unsure in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Start with your bedstead fully erected on a flat surface.

1. Measure the width of your bed from the outside edge of one side rail straight across to the outside edge of the opposite rail. See Fig.1.

Measuring your antique bed for a base or mattress

2.  Measure the length, place your tape measure on the inside of the headboard post. See Fig.2.  

Guide to measuring your antique brass and iron bed for a new base or mattress

3. Measure all the way along the top of the side rail to the inside of the foot board post. See Fig.3. 

measuring an odd size bed for non standard size mattress or bed base.

Fig. 2 & Fig.3, on this bed we have allowed a small clearance at each end. When measuring remember to allow for any decorative trims, edges or detailing that may obstruct the fit of your made to measure bed base or mattress.

Fig.4. The bed base on this bed is supported by the side rails only. The cross sections on the head board and foot board are raised, therefore the base sits on the inside of these.

Unusual size antique bed with custom made replacement bed base.

Fig.5 When measuring for a new base or mattress, be sure to measure for the correct depth. Our standard made to measure bed base is 2.75"/7cm deep.

Replacement bed base on a wrought iron bedstead.

Fig.6. The depth of the base and mattress combined is essential. This shallow Avebury mattress has been specially made for the correct fit at a depth of 22cm.

Measuring a victorian or edwardian iron bed for mattress.

Measuring antique wooden beds, odd size beds or unusual shaped beds

If your bed has a raised rail or the bed base or mattress will be required to sit within a recess, then we will need the measurements within the raised rail or recessed area.

Curved, shaped or odd shaped beds. If you have a bed that requires a shaped/curved mattress or bed base, then we may require a template to allow us to make the perfect fitting product. Please contact us for details on templates

Cut out corner bed base or mattress. We will need the dimensions of the cut outs required or a template.

If you are unsure how to measure for any of the above beds, please contact us for advice. Alternatively feel free to send us some pictures or sketch of your bed frame and we will be more than happy to advise on the best way to measure for a new made to measure bed base or mattress. 

Please see our You Tube videos,  Measuring an antique french corbeille bed for a base and mattress  and  Measuring a brass and iron bed for a mattress, we think you will find them helpful.

Ordering a made to measure mattress & made to measure bed base.  



When measuring your bedstead for a base or mattress, do contact us for advice if you are unsure in anyway.

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